Proecting it by your own ideas.

Designing an individual model allows the integration of an orchidarium into an already existing interior design and architecture.

Any free space in your home. Store or office can be transformed into a tropical oasis. Even if you don’t have a lot of free space, you can always make it by your own size.

If you’re building now, ask your architect to include an orchidarium in the project.

In order to create your orchidarium we take several steps;
First step – listening to your ideas, preferences, and color decisions.
Step Two – Provide suggestions tailored to your requirements.
Step Three – Drawing a common drawing or sketch, and if desired, a visualization.
Step Four – drawing up detailed drawings after approval.

We will choose the right equipment to regulate moisture. Temperature and lighting in relation to the desired plants and the environment. If you need ideas, you can get one from here.

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