Orchidarium – the ideal weather conditions for orchids whit moisture and heat. Although many of the hybrids that are sold in major chain stores. Orchids are selectively grown to grow in the moderate weather, they still prefer and love the tropical climate.

It is therefore often necessary to spray them if they’re in our home. We need to give them enough light, depending on the type of orchid, not every south window is fit for it. In order to achieve the optimum conditions of orchid development, we create a fully adjustable environment:

  • measurement and control of heat;
  •  measurement and control of humidity – achieved through fountains, water streams or humidifiers;
  • day and night light modes;
  • ventilation;

Where can an orchidarium be placed?

Besides the practical part with control over the environment, the orchidarium also has a decorative application.

In the restaurant!

Pleasant exotic setting with decorative fountains and a wall of jet of falling water against a green wall of orchids, mosses.

In the hotel lobby!
Uniqueness and cosiness from the entrance of the hotel

At home!
orchidarium in the bathroom
The bathroom is an ideal environment for many types of orchids, but you do not have light – we will add it.

In your furniture you can also provide a corner for your hobby.
We offer you:

  • design of the orchidarium;
  • the technical support of the orchidarium;
  • periodic replacement of orchidarium furniture.

To function properly, without risk your orchidariums require technical maintenance of the equipment and facilities. Here are some examples of situations where intervention is required:

  • Changing the temperature mode;

  • Changing the lights – in winter the light may be insufficient, given you depend on natural light;
  • change of plant specieswhen you decide to change plants in the orchidarium, it is necessary to adjust the temperature and humidity depending on the plants you choose;

  • Annual maintenance – an annual check of the equipment is carried out, where necessary replacing the non-operating elements;
  • Change of Interior – you may want to diversify your interior – change colors, moss or shapes – at your request.
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