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universe-orchid.com - Universe Orchid
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Products developed by the inspiration of plant lovers.

For four years the products of Universe Orchid are on the market.

About us ...

High quality and efficiency in the Universe Orchid products!

Pots for orchids and other plants.

White pine orchid pots with ecologically clean products. With double application of the pots - table stands or hanging pins.

Soils and substrates for orchids.

Specially developed substrate for orchids, The substrate contains an excellent fraction of pine bark, Peat moss and coconut chips.

Fertilizer for orchids OrchT-21

The orchids love OrchT-21, Because it uses a seaweed extract that stimulates the natural immunity of the plant.

Universal bio stimulator - PhytoviT 10 ml

Easy rooting of cuttings, incl. Orchids. With a set of vitamins and four growth hormones. Stimulates roots and growth, for better flowering.

See the soil for orchids!!

We offer an innovative way for using soil for orchids.

We produce pots for orchids from natural products.

The products that we produce

Soil for orchids,fertilizer for orchids, universal rooter.

Soil, pots and fertilizer for orchids.

High quality production with

Excellent results!

Latest posts...

Optimal conditions for orchids and tropical plants in the orchidarium.

How much is needed for creating uniqueness - imagination with a little bit of tech in our home, restourant or hotel. Proecting and arranging the orchidarium, individual projects for hotels or restourant. The orchidarium cant be used with automatic lights, heating and humidity control.

Fertilizer for orchids - orchids love OrchT-21!

We produce fertilizer for orchids with NPK 13-13-13 with algae up to 18%

We produce a universal rooster with four growth hormones with a set of vitamins and ammonia acids